Which Flexo Folder Gluer Suits The Task?

You will find multiple quality Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG) manufacturers on the market, although not every machine provides the features you have to make the boxes inside your current or ambitious order mix, efficiently and economically. Auditing your print jobs and process aspirations is paramount to being aware of what machine features it's important to achieve your objectives, for lengthy runs or small orders. There are lots of points to consider when choosing a Flexo Folder Gluer, and when your research isn't thorough, you may be making the incorrect decision for the company.  Think about the following when picking out the right capital investment for the order mix, the employees as well as your future.

Flexo Folder Gluers have become fast, effective workhorses, able to high-speed converting of sheets, to satisfy the need for the corrugated packaging industry. If mainly converting corrugated board in great quantities, think about the following inside your acquisition of an FFG.

If you want a folder gluer china to improve capacity and productivity and also have couple of changeovers per shift, a wide openOrNear system may take advantage sense for the operations. Open/Close systems do not let operator accessibility internal machine components during production. The configuration is either off and open for job changeovers or closed for production - there's no among. These effective FFG systems, such as the Latitude P-Series, are made for speed and capacity, getting individuals large orders out of the door wisely.

Within our experience serving box makers, we feel that the Open/Close FFG is the best for printers producing 10 or fewer print jobs per shift. We’ve observed printers spending between 20-half an hour preparing a wide openOrNear machine unemployed, which downtime can also add up if job changes become frequent. For instance, your house the device can establish an Return on investment of $1,000 each hour, also it takes operators half an hour for changeovers with 10 job changes per shift, you'd have about 5 hrs of machine downtime, losing virtually $5,000 per shift. 

This might equal to an astonishing 5  million in loss value each year, presuming 24/7 operations.  That is why speed, capacity and quality would be the highlight of those converting workhorses, which makes them a good choice for converters with couple of job changes per shift.

Although Open/Close systems happen to be the machine preferred by mass box production, some corrugated converters have found that Set While Run machines can optimize the work they do pressure during lengthy run orders.  We've observed Converters reduce the amount of operators per shift, using Set While Run technology, while still maintaining their machine productivity and box quality.  

During lengthy operates on a wide openOrNear machine configuration, operators might have lower time because they watch for orders to accomplish before setting the device for the following job. However, with Set While Run, one press operator can float between multiple stations and make preparations other machines for the following order within the queue. Printers benefiting from this process can maximize their operators’ time on the ground and lower downtime hugely.


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